Figure skating

Ice Skating, Dancing, Competition

“Wow, did you see that!? What was that?” I requested Williamson County Wildlife Removal sitting on the seat next to me. I had just witnessed the most amazing leap as I was putting on my skates in the lobby, preparing to step onto the ice for the first time after a virtually decade-long hiatus. The skater alongside me replied nonchalantly,”Oh, that? That’s called a triple flip… David is a senior level skater and he does that all the time.
I will never forget that day because up until that point I had never seen a leap like that up close and in person. I had just seen ice skating on television, where professional figure skaters appeared to perform jumps effortlessly, almost as though they were just dancing, rather than barreling down the ice rink at 20 mph. And, I must tell you that nothing prepares you to find that sort of speed and power up close. What I remember is that I saw David’s skates at almost eye level as they reached the top of the planks that day- nearly 4 feet off the floor! That is what I call flying!
At this time, I got to see a whole lot of terrific skating like that all the time. It was my new home rink and I was still an amateur skater, just getting to know the sport. Seeing the raw power of the jump, and the perfect landing made me want learn how to jump and twist and do those tricks I saw the other skaters do, and I became determined to do what David did this day…
But my skating career began much earlier, when I was about 9 years old. It all started one summer when my mom asked me if I wanted to take up a hobby for the summer. She introduced to me the notion of either learning how to roller skate or ice skate because she thought a hobby with a workout aspect would be good for my health. Originally, I thought about roller blading, but the streets around our house were uneven, and had lots of cracks, which made it difficult to roller blade, so I picked ice skating since there was an ice rink close to our house. It was that simple!
I returned to the game at age 21, and ever since then, I’ve learned many spins and lots of jumps and all the moves in between. And yes… I the reverse that I saw David perform that fateful day. Over the years I took on new elements, practiced themtook quite a few drops, got back up and eventually mastered them.
I’ll let you know, there is no greater feeling in the world than learning how to spin so fast that it feels like you’re floating above the ice, or the short weightlessness you feel when executing a jump – it is almost like flying. And learning how to control your edges, how to stick the landing and move through footwork like it were a melody played out before you. It took years to master some of those moves but they have been the best years of my life, since I did not just learn the physical moves, but gained the confidence that comes with mastering difficult physical routines!
As well as learning components, I learned a few other things along the way too such as discipline and perseverance, attention to detail and grace, strength, and confidence – all of which have served me well on and off the ice. I spent many hours at the rink drilling and working hard on my components and I did this as often as possible not because somebody told me to, but since I loved it! I even went so far as to take gymnastics and dance lessons to be able to enhance body awareness and elegance, and I cross trained off the ice so that I could become strong and confident. All of this spilled over into other areas of my life and created the person I am today.
I should mention that I did nearly all my skating as an adult. I realize ice skating as a sport can be intimidating, particularly for adults, but regardless of your age, you can participate at any level you want to. And the best part of learning ice skating as an adult is that you get to select how often you participate in this amazing sport.
Another fantastic part is that there is not a learning barrier. You can take lessons from a professional trainer, or simply get a learn-to-skate program and practice on your own, at your own pace and comfort level. The main thing for adults to realize is that everyone can learn (men and women ) and nobody is too old! During my years, I’ve met all ages and people from all walks of life on the ice and have formed great friendships and come to realize that everyone can learn how to skate!
I have been teaching skating for over 15 years now and I really like passing on the fire of this remarkable sport! Come join me on the ice, and let me share the joys and private development it can bring into your life!