Israeli War Crimes

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A rather interesting thing to read on a very popular political Website is it not? But this is precisely what is happening as sympathizers and mislead do-gooders promote Palestinians and their plight. If you will remember Israel recent caved into demands and gave back land, which it had settlers on, but did that stop the murderous suicide bombings? Yet 1 blogger using a selective and very short memory conditions;


Again this is only opinion and selective interpretation of global law. And what happens when you give details to these bloggers on the Internet? They just go away for a couple of hours to spew their misdirection someplace else and assault you spelling, sentence structure or typing mistakes look at this comment from a supporter of Hamas and International Terrorism who stated;

“Loads of typing msitakes. . .but I really wonder why I bother with closed minded people..please go see for yourself.”

You have attacked my character, education, reading, religion (you assumed initially, as I have none), my nation, my military and now when you’re attacking me typing? What are you thinking? Irrelevant, as you had a miss stroke on the term”mistake”

Israel has the right to defend itself from Hamas including a full out war; if that is what it takes to insure safety of its people and/or an attack on the Iranian Nuclear Plants, research centers, as they have promised to”Blow Israel off the map!” And is funding Hamas.

Indeed the USA has every right to cause action with Iran including and not limited to; full scale embargo and sealing off the borders of that nation where nothing gets in or out and/or attack on the Nuclear Enrichment research and development centers that are being used to create nuclear bombs. Iran is a nation-state, which supports insurgents in Iraq and international terrorists. No amount of white wash will convince me to not take a hard line on these matters. We have to protect the American People, our allies and assets no matter what. No matter what! Consider this in 2006.

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