The Hummingbird

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Birdwatching is your lifetime ticket to the theater of nature.

I hope you’ll find some good ideas here to help you have fun watching birds.

This is one of the best stress relieving hobbies in the world, I guarantee!

Spring Time! backyard birding Time! So, grab your binoculars, a nice tall glass of iced tea, and lets get started.

For birdwatchers in the southern countries, hummingbirds are already returning.

In my back yard are several hooks for hummingbird feeders. I will fill and hang the feeders during the first week of April, just prior to the oldest hummingbirds arrive at Alabama. The first one I see is going to be a male, since the males migrate about two weeks before the females.

Did you know most small birds, including hummingbirds, migrate at night? I’m not sure why. Perhaps they do this to take advantage of the more calm atmosphere of night, or to avoid the predators who are hunting during daytime hours, or perhaps they use the stars to guide them north.

As migration time draws near, daily activity begins to change. Birds who migrate during the night, but normally are active during daytime hours don’t sleep as much through the night any more. Hummingbirds of spring are awake a lot more at night.

And beginning to feel hungry‚Ķ real hungry. He needs to put on some fat. He weighs about 2.5 g, but now he begins to eat more, to gorge himself. He eats his weight in food every day. He eats insect eggs and spiders, bugs, gnats and the nectar of flowers. He’ll double his weight, and only weigh about 5 g.

Every day the north requires him to come,

To the North he flies into complete darkness, all by himself, weighing no more than a nickel.

Hours pass as he flies, burning off the fat he stored like a truck burns gas.

If the hummingbirds fat stores are adequate, he’ll reach the Gulf Coast. If the hummingbirds fat stores are not sufficient, he’ll die. If he’s prepared himself well, he will have flown for 18 to 22 hours, crossed 500 miles with no rest or food.

Toward the second week of April I will see my first hummingbird of spring. I’ll have those feeders out early, ready to greet the little fella as he hovers in to land for the first time this year in my own backyard.

Well, I am hoping this article has helped you in some shape or fashion, and once again I will tell you.

This is one of the best stress relieving hobbies in the world, I guarantee!

Good luck in all that you do, and Thank You very much for your attention.

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